Camera Systems

You need video? We have video. With a wide array of options we can project and record your event or meeting from any angle and with sharp, beautiful detail. From remote controlled discreet cameras to manned audience and stage engaged systems we can get the shot you want.

Learn about recording options and projection options.

A/V Camera Systems
4k ultra hd camera

4k Ultra HD Robo Cam

We have custom built a unique robo cam system utilizing 4k technology and precision remote control. Our system can be mounted up to 150 feet from stage and still zoom in close enough to capture and project a crisp image. With it's slim design and adjustable height truss mount we are able to place the camera just about anywhere in the room and get a great shot while keeping it out of the way of the event or meeting.

Panasonic Full HD Robo

1080P Full HD Robo Cam

These small but powerful robo cams are perfect for truss mounting up high or near stage tripod mounting for inconspicuous audience and stage shots. They capture 1080p video and can be projected to any size screen or recorded for distribution.

Live event camera man

Hand Held Camera

When your event calls for a camera man to be front and center to capture the action we have some of the best in the business. Using either HD or Ultra HD hand held camera systems our cameramen can get the right shot at the right moment.